2023 Q2

Platform Conception: The initial idea of RENEWA is formulated, setting the foundation for a new era in medical commerce.

2023 Q4

Soft Launch: RENEWA’s beta version is unveiled to a select group, gathering invaluable feedback and insights for further refinement.

2024 Q1

Official Launch: RENEWA is officially introduced to the public, marking its grand entry into the world of medical commerce.

Partnership Announcements: Collaborations with major players in the medical and cosmetic industries are announced, solidifying RENEWA’s position in the market.

2024 Q2

Expansion: RENEWA diversifies its offerings, introducing an even wider range of products and venturing into new medical categories.

2024 Q3

Mobile App Launch: To enhance accessibility and user experience, the RENEWA mobile application is launched, bringing the platform to the fingertips of users worldwide.

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