Lou Arsenov

Business Development Manager / CEO

Lou Arsenov is not just a member of the RENEWA team; he’s a visionary who has been pivotal in shaping the trajectory of our platform. Stepping into the world of Business Development, Lou brought with him a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that resonates with RENEWA’s ethos.

Having navigated diverse industries and markets, Lou possesses an uncanny ability to identify opportunities even in the most challenging landscapes. His approach is not just about expanding RENEWA’s footprint but about ensuring that every new venture aligns with our commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric service.

At RENEWA, we often speak about our journey of ‘renewal’, and Lou embodies this spirit in his work. He doesn’t just look for business opportunities; he seeks out collaborations that can truly enhance the RENEWA experience for our users. Be it forging partnerships with top-tier suppliers or introducing cutting-edge products to our platform, Lou’s contributions have been invaluable.

Beyond his professional prowess, Lou’s colleagues often laud his mentorship and team spirit. His door is always open, and he’s known to offer guidance, share insights, and even roll up his sleeves to help in any department that might need him.

In essence, Lou Arsenov is more than just our Business Development lead. He’s a cornerstone of RENEWA, helping us grow, evolve, and continually strive to better serve our community.

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